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09 February 2013 @ 10:49 pm
Walking Dead- EXO EDITION [6/?]  
Title: Walking Dead- EXO EDITION [6/?]
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 800+
Summary: Seoul was supposed to be a refugee center. It's far from it. Kris gets himself into a mess.
Warning: Unbeta-ed. And zombies.

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The horse gallops closer and closer to the city and Kris wonders what will happen next. All he knows is that he needs to find his brother and his dare-he-say-it, his girlfriend. Well, she isn’t actually his girlfriend but they are pretty much dating. Kris had just hadn’t been ballsy enough to actually ask her to be his girlfriend. He decides that if he ever finds her, he’ll definitely ask. Then he begins to worry. What if he doesn’t find her and his brother? Kris is interrupted from his thoughts as he enters the city. It’s quiet. He doesn’t see anybody, living or dead for that matter, and presses forward into the city. A bad feeling starts to bubble up in his stomach. The horse carefully steps over debris and around cars and buses. They turn a corner and a few cars are scattered here and there, along with a bus that looks like it had been set on fire, the interior charred and black. Kris rides past the bus, but does not miss the sound of creaking from the bus. The horse whinnies fearfully and jerks to the side as two walkers step off the bus and slowly drag themselves to their prey.

“It’s okay, girl. There’s only a few. Nothing we can’t handle.” The horse trots on and crosses another intersection and turns the corner. A government tank lies still among the debris and the bad feeling in Kris’s stomach only worsens.

Suddenly, the roar of a helicopter flying overhead fills Kris’s ears. He looks up, and there it is- a helicopter flies fast and urgently across the skyline of the city. Kris kicks in his heels to the side of the horse. He has to follow it. It’s got to lead the refugee camp. It has to.

“Yah!” The horse whinnies and is at a full gallop now, running as fast as she can. Kris holds on for dear life. But Kris realizes he made a mistake when the reach the next intersection.

Hundreds, no, thousands of walkers stand in the street. Each and every single one of them are looking at him with hunger in their eyes.

The horse quickly turns and runs in the opposite direction, the walkers running after them. Their speed in a group was astonishing compared to how they were individually. And Kris was fairly sure he was going to die. When they reached the spot where they first saw the helicopter, Kris is faced with more walkers and is now surrounded on both sides. The horse neighs loudly and panics, lifting off of its front feet, sending Kris crashing to the ground. The duffle bag of guns that he held on his back falls off and to somewhere irrelevant as the zombies run to him. The walkers get to the horse first. They tear into its stomach first, the horse screaming in pain and fear. Kris pulls the gun in his belt and fires at a zombie coming at him. His scrambles backward until his back bumps the government tank that he had seen earlier. He crawls underneath, and fires at a walker who has hold of his foot. Kris is hyperventilating now, firing and crawling farther under the tank. Zombies in all directions are clawing to make a grab at his flesh and Kris only has so many bullets left. He closes his eyes and puts the barrel of the gun to his head.

Jay, Jinhye..I’m sorry.

He is about to pull the trigger when he sees a different way out. There is a entrance to the inside of the tank on the underside of the tank, and he immediately crawls in and locks the latch, backing up as far away from it as he can. He looks to his right and is horrified when he sees a dead soldier. He immediately looks for ammunition on the corpse, pulling a revolver from its belt. Suddenly, he feels the figure move. The soldier’s eyes are wide, bloodshot, and hungry. A moan can barely escape its mouth before Kris puts the revolver to the zombie’s head and pulls the trigger. His head immediately pounds, the sound of the shot echoing in the little metal tank, bouncing off the walls and his head, his eardrums throbbing painfully. Amongst all the pounding in his head, Kris locates a light from above and realizes that the entrance at the top of the tank is still open, and he pushes himself up through the small opening. He sees the poor horse being devoured and feels slightly guilty. A walker sees him and begins to climb the tank. Kris immediately closes the top of the tank.

Kris knows he’s screwed. He tries to catch his breath and is about to cry out of both frustration and fear. He had only wanted to find his family. He hadn’t even been able to say goodbye. If they went into the city, they would definitely be dead by now. Seoul belongs to the dead now. Kris is about to contemplate suicide when he hears the faint sound of airy static. He spots the radio among the control panel of the tank.

“Hey, you..dumbass…Hey you in the tank. You cozy in there?”


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