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03 July 2012 @ 07:19 pm
[For Glennda] Too Late  
Title: Too Late ft. Lu Han
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,108
Summary: Life's too short to sit around and waste the chances given to you.


Time stopped briefly when she stepped on the train. She was scanning the train car for a seat when their eyes met. Embarrassed, he looked away, trying to keep himself distracted with the lull of his friends’ chatter. The train doors closed once again and the sounds of their voices were once again muffled by the hum of the moving train. She took a seat two spots down; he dared to take a peek, only to find that his view was blocked by an elderly woman. The train pressed forward. He inwardly sighed as he played with the fringe that fell in front of his eyes. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear his friends trying to tell him something.

“Yo, bro, scoot down a seat so I can sit!” one of his buddies yelled out. He looked over to find that the old woman had vacated her seat and gotten off the train. He tilted his chin up, eyes once again meeting with the girl no more than a foot and a half away. She subtly blushed and turned her head away. He did the same and cautiously moved over next to her.

As the train jerked forward from the station, their elbows brushed lightly sending electricity up his arm. Within his peripheral vision he could see that the girl seemed unfazed- at least he couldn’t tell if she was otherwise- her soft eyes were glued forward at the seat across from her.

Once again, he nervously played with his fringe, trying to ignore the feeling gnawing at him in the chest. Soon his stop was approaching and a wave of disappointment swept over him. He didn’t want to have to part with her and never get to see her kind face ever again- he didn’t even know her name.

“Then talk to her, you idiot,” he voice in the back of his head whispered. ‘She would probably think I’m a creep’ as the thought that kept running through his mind, and was the only thing stopping him.

His heart rate jumped a little when she stood up first. He smiled to himself. Sharing the same destination gave him a little hope and he even started asking himself if it was fate.

The train slowed to a stop and the door opened, a small breeze blowing her red-tinted hair back a little. She stepped onto the platform and he stood up, his friends following close behind.

She even got on the same escalator he was about to go on. She turned around to talk to her family members so that she was facing him. For a moment too short for his liking, their eyes met once again, and then darted away. She stepped off the escalator and turned around the corner. When he got off, his friend tripped over his flip flop, the posters they had worked so hard on tumbling to the ground. They picked them up quickly and he offered to hold the posters for fear of dropping them again. After all this commotion, he darted his eyes around desperately, looking for the girl once again in a hopeless attempt, knowing that she would already be gone at this point.

“Dude, what are you looking for?” his friend asked. He sighed.

“Nothing. Let’s go to the bus stop.” He slowly made his way towards the bus stop, his friends chattering about something he could care less about. He held the posters up, squinting into the rolls searching for damage.

“Hey what time is it?” He looked up, thinking that someone had spoken to him. Much to his delight, there she was again, showing some other older guy her phone with the time on it. He stared at her, not wanting to look away. She noticed him staring and turned her head to face him. He couldn’t help but look away, his body tense. When he turned around once more, she was typing away onto her phone about something.

A bus turned the corner- not the correct bus for him to take. He watched in regret as she walked up to steps of the large vehicle as the doors closed behind her.

Once again, he sighed.

‘She probably won’t even think anything of me,&rsquo he thought.

If only he knew.



He never thought he would see her again. And here of all places. On the train again? This was too coincidental. She definitely didn’t notice him at all this time, though he saw her from the opposite side of the train as she got on.

Maybe this was God’s way of saying “Here’s your second chance!” He wasn’t sure but he knew didn’t want to waste it if it was.

After all these years, he looked handsome, if not better than he did in his teenage years. Puberty had treated him well. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, her hair no longer red, but dyed into a pretty natural brown. She had grown no more than half a centimeter, the rest of her height coming from the high-heeled shoes she wore on her feet.

He chewed nervously on a tic-tac and tried to plan out what he was going to say “Hey, this might sound crazy, but remember like five years ago on the train where we kept making eye contact?”

Oh God no. He couldn’t say that.

He noticed her get up- it was her stop. It was his stop too, much to his delight. She stepped off on to the platform, hugging her jacket close to her as the rain beat down on her. She put on her hood and scurried over to the escalator. He followed suit, his heart beating fast. First she stepped off the escalator, then him.

This was it. It was his time to talk to her, finally, after all these years. He was two feet behind her, arm reaching out to tap her shoulder. He opened him mouth to say something. And then she yelled out.

“Luhan!” she cried out, a small laugh escaping her lips as she broke into a jog towards a figure 10 feet away. This Luhan guy dropped the umbrella he was holding when he saw her. He opened his arms wide for her before enveloping her into a tight hug and then a small yet passionate kiss on the lips.

“I missed you,” she said. Luhan picked up his umbrella and wrapped his free arm around her shoulder. The two walked off.

His heart dropped. His arm was still extended, and he dropped it to his sides with a sigh.

He was too late.

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